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Monday, April 28, 2008

Homosexuality Part 8

Correcting Our Image Of God

At first, I have no idea what does the author meant by correcting God's image. All I know is that God is the creator of heaven and earth and everything in there including us human, that He is super powerful and nothing is impossible to Him. What Frank meant is that, aside from those facts I mentioned; God has certain qualities which we're not aware of. Qualities that we need to know in order for us to have an intimae relationship with Him and to make the change we want in our life possible.

Without a doubt, much of the world has a corrupted image of God and it is essential to have that image be corrected especially for homosexuals. Back to my previous posts, I have mentioned that homosexuality is not born with us as we originally thought; well that's according to Frank and I believe him. Again, homosexuality rooted from our early childhood and usually caused by emotionally absent father like in my case, growing up fatherless, molestation and other past circumstances that have affected our original sexuality. Ergo, it's not right to blame God that He created us to be gay. In my experience it was my choice to indulge to this kind of lifestyle and self identification and I am pretty sure it's your choice too. We all know that God has created man and woman and no one in between and that is the truth so we need to live with that reality.

We also need to consider that the world we are all living in right now is not the kind of world God has originally intended to create. It became distorted since the time when Eve and Adam disobeyed God and it was the start of all evilness up to present. Why? Have you realized that all the problems we encounter everyday and every evil thing in this world comes from the wrong choices? So as with Adam and Eve and so are we. So it's our choice not to obey God's word, to do everything in our own way, to become homosexual, and now if we want to change; it's also our choice to correct everything that went wrong.

There are lots of God's qualities that we need to consider and very important for us to know for the change we want to happen. These qualities are all according to Bill Bright's book entitled "The Joy of Trusting God." God is all-powerful and nothing is too hard for Him no matter what we might be facing, I guess that is enough reason to entrust our lives to Him and obey Him. God is ever-present; He is everywhere and walks with us, gives us strength and understands our pain. He knows everything about us, our desires, motives, and thoughts. Our Lord knows us perfectly and intimately. God is sovereign for he is the king of all kings. Since He has created all of us, definitely He has already made a plan for us. He has a purpose for each and every one of us and you need to find out what is it. I think I have found mine. God is holy and is the absolute truth. Truthfulness that will free us to live as He has intended, the truth will set us free right? God is righteous and just. He delays His judgment because He patiently provides an opportunity for repentance. God is love; it is absolutely unconditional and merciful. The kind of love close to this we know is the love of a mother for her children. Because He is merciful, He forgives all our sins when we confess them sincerely. Finally, God is faithful. He has promised to be near to all who call upon Him. This is the God, our Father who does not expect us to earn His approval. Once you come to know this Father, your life will never be the same again like mine. Yeah it's hard I must admit but I know God's there for me.

God desires the best for all of us for He already knew us before we were born according to Psalm 139:15. God already has a plan for each and every one of us according to Jeremiah 26:11-14, they are all good plans so becoming homosexual is definitely not a plan for us. Homosexuality enslaves us with our physical and sexual needs, and once we pray to Him to free us from this slavery He will listen and end it in His time. All we need to do is to seek God, accept Him as our personal Lord and Savior, ask forgiveness and repent, He will work in our lives and gives what we need including the change we want to happen. The change is not abrupt like what is going on with my life now but in God's time it will come.

So it is necessary to see God as He really is; His majesty, unlimited power, and everlasting love. Our misconception of God must go for they block God's power from working in our lives. As we desire to fulfill the first commandment, to love God with all our being, He in His great mercy makes this possible.

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